Villa Huesgen Jugendstil Loewenkopf
Art Noveau

Permanent and timeless

Each period has its own style. The Huesgen home as an Art Nouveau synthesis of the arts has mastered and survived the times, preserved its style and has the potential to reinvent itself all over again.

The Magic of Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau was the last universal artistic style at the turn of the 20th century, practically engulfing the whole western civilization. The style criticized and caricatured the existing society.

The artistic models for the Art Noveau are the organic forms of Mother Nature, especially in the world of animals and plants with its winding, fluid lines. The style has also been influenced by the Japanese art too, with its two dimensional lines and space.

Art Noveau in Traben-Trarbach

Traben Trarbach was the second largest wine trading place town besides Bordeaux at the turn of the century. Traben-Trarbach is marked by its Art Noveau architecture. In 1883, the town got connected to the main railroad corridor between Berlin and Metz, enabled the wine trade to shipments all over the world, and thus created a class of wealthy wine merchants. A leading Art Noveau architect, Bruno Möhring (1863-1929) obtained the commission to build a bridge which connected Traben with Trarbach. Möhring met and connected well with the notabilities and got commissions to build many Art Noveau buildings, one of them Villa Huesgen. He designed the interieur as well as the gardens, creating a unique piece of Art. The property is located between the Mosel river and the railroad track. Next to the home is the building of the former winery, still recognizable by its outer walls. Remarkable is the former theatre hall, in which the guests of the house met for a formal entertainment.

Connecting people and nature

The ideal of Art Noveau is contemporary and has been greatly acknowledged by the members of the 8th generation of the Huesgen family. To incorporate nature in all aspects of the daily life is as important today as it was yesterday.  The VILLA HUESGEN team produces its wines with care and love, passion and the highest claim to their product, encouraging the customers, partners and gourmets to participate in the process. The results of our efforts can be tasted and enjoyed on the estate. Villa Huesgen is an open house, full of atmosphere and beauty, inviting you to spend some time together.