„To enjoy means happiness. It is such a great fortune that we are able to taste, smell, feel, see and enjoy so differently. It is exactly that fortune that we savor and happily invest every effort.“

Adolph Huesgen

Deeply rooted and cosmopolitan

Adolph Huesgen VIII, the owner was born on the Mosel and is cosmopolitan at the same time. As a wine merchant he has travelled the world, but as a wine grower, he is deeply rooted to the region. Like his ancestors he has built a close realtionship with international wine merchants, is a friend of „Savoir Vivre“ and is still in harmony with the wine culture on the Mosel.

Today, he manages the family company, founded in 1735, in the eighth generation. His passion for wines comes natural. To create something unique is part of his character. Adolph Huesgen VIII has reshaped the family business with much idealism and sense of innovation into a modern winery, which was renamed as VILLA HUESGEN in 2005. The estate and its wines are dominated by its casual, elegant style which is expressed by the motto ‚Made by happy people‘.